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Q&A: Sharing 'Our Orchestra' With Future Generations

Tricia and Kent Smith

Tricia and Kent Smith

Since moving to Cleveland more than 30 years ago, Tricia and Kent Smith have fallen in love with The Cleveland Orchestra and found meaningful ways to stay engaged. In addition to a sustained commitment to the Orchestra's annual fund, Tricia and Kent also made a significant contribution to the Sound for the Centennial Campaign. With a desire to ensure future generations will continue to enjoy what their family calls "our Orchestra," the Smiths have designated provisions for the Orchestra in their estate plan.

Q: What are some of your favorite ways to engage with The Cleveland Orchestra?

Kent: We have enjoyed countless concerts together over the past 30 years. From PNC Musical Rainbow Concerts to Family Concerts, Blossom picnics under the stars to magical evenings at Severance Hall, our family has seen it all. The operas are a particular favorite for us—with one of our sons, we had the staying power to stand together throughout the entirety of one of the sold-out Wagner operas!

We are both members of the Friends of The Cleveland Orchestra volunteer committee (formerly the Women's Committee), and Tricia has also served as its president. We love the special involvement it provides, allowing us to forge wonderful friendships with people across the institution, including other committee members, staff, musicians, and conductors. One of Tricia's favorite contributions is making musical chocolates each year to mark Orchestra musicians' 25-year anniversaries.

Q: What is one of your most special memories with The Cleveland Orchestra?

Tricia: I took one of our sons and we followed the Orchestra on tour to Europe—what a priceless experience to share together! I would highly recommend it to anyone who has the opportunity.

Q: What insights would you share with people who are looking for smart and creative ways to support The Cleveland Orchestra?

Tricia: There are many different ways to support the Orchestra, and their staff can help you figure out which is best for you. Because of my retirement and age, I was able to make a qualified charitable distribution to The Cleveland Orchestra by donating a required minimum distribution from my IRA.We were so glad to make this gift, as this strategy enabled us to donate pre-tax dollars directly to causes we care about, such as The Cleveland Orchestra.

Q: Why is your legacy gift meaningful to you?

Kent and Tricia: The Cleveland Orchestra has been so meaningful to our family, and it is important to us to make sure that tradition can be passed down to future generations of families. Our Heritage Society donation will do just that by supporting and sustaining our world-class orchestra for years to come. Hopefully all who have come to appreciate and love our hometown orchestra will join us to preserve this great institution for the benefit of our local community and communities across the globe.