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A Gift That Supports Their Future

Tony and Pat Lauria

Tony and Pat Lauria believe in doing their part to cultivate and celebrate the extraordinary things in life including wine, food, and music—for today and for future generations.

Great music has always been important to Tony and Pat Lauria. They've been avid subscribers and donors to The Cleveland Orchestra for many years, and it has become such a major part of their lives that they plan international travel around the Orchestra's schedule in order to enjoy more concerts at home and on tour.

"It gives us great pleasure to be a part of The Cleveland Orchestra," Pat says.

In addition to regularly attending concerts and giving to the annual fund, Tony and Pat have established several charitable gift annuities through the Orchestra, which now pay them a fixed stream of income in return for their gifts. To anyone who is considering establishing a charitable gift annuity, Tony says, "It's a great investment—for yourself and the Orchestra!"

To receive a confidential, personalized gift annuity illustration, and to join the Laurias in their support of The Cleveland Orchestra's future, contact Katie Shames at 216-231-8006 or kshames@clevelandorchestra.com.